As the outside temperatures take a dip and your body’s circulation slows down, your style choices are going to be all about staying warm. A good pair of boots will keep your feet warm and comfortable, but – as you know already – warm and comfortable doesn’t always mean stylish.

So when you pick your new pair of winter boots, start with the pair that looks the best, and work your way back from there. Use this checklist:

Winter boots tend to be waterproof – but while that means that water can’t get in, it also means that foot odours can’t get out. Look for boots which have breathable uppers, or which can be opened up and aired out at night.

Ankle support:
After a summer of wearing lightweight sandals, your feet might not be ready for the shock of wearing a pair of heavy boots. Look for boots which have high tops, padded sides, a firm structure and can lace all the way up. These design features will make sure your ankles are well supported, and that your feet don’t ache at the end of the day.

A good insole – or fixed inner sole of the boot – will make a huge difference when it comes to warmth and comfort. Slightly padded insoles will help to support your foot and allow for good walking posture. If you live at the coast (where you get wet winters), look for boots with insulated insoles. It’s no use getting boots with good lining if you have winter rain puddles seeping in through the sole and insole.

Let’s face it: your new boots have to look good too, right? This season’s styles have something for everyone, from tall flats to short wedges. Knee-length boots will help your legs look longer and slimmer… which is perfect if you have a curvy body.

Treat yourself, and invest in a good pair of warm winter boots today. Your RCS Card gives you access to the RCS Network of over 21 000 retail outlets, including top fashion brands.