Maybe the rand-dollar exchange rate has torpedoed your holiday plans. Maybe your year-end bonus didn’t come through. Maybe you simply forgot to make your holiday reservations. Whatever the reason, you’re stuck at home for the holidays. And that, my friend, is the best news ever.

All it takes is one big-ticket purchase, and you’ll make your home even better than a holiday. We’ve compiled a list of six options, all of which are available from retailers on the RCS Shopping Network. Go on, swipe your RCS Card and spoil yourself!


Let’s make one thing clear, computer games aren’t just for boys. With a range of titles to choose from, video gaming has something for absolutely everyone – from FIFA 18, to WWE 18, to Fable, you’ll lose hours to your new favourite toy.


For more social occasions, invite some friends around for a board or card game. Cluedo (R299.90, Toys R Us) is an all-time favourite, while 30 Seconds (R349, Makro) never fails. Top Trumps Marvel Comics (R99, Superbalist) will give you a chance to let your geek flag fly, while Giant Toppling Tower (R699, Superbalist) is just a massive-scale Jenga by another name.



Who needs an exotic overseas holiday when you have all those awesome series to catch up on? Do the right thing, and invest in a Acacia recliner couch (from R7 995, Coricraft) or a La-Z-Boy Biscayne Recliner in espresso leather (R12 999, Tafelberg Furnishers). Unlike that summer sunburn, these bad boys will last for years.



Beach vacations? Pah! Who needs ’em? With a simple Cape Union Double Hammock (R150, Cape Union Mart), you’ll be chillaxin’ and sipping non-alcoholic cocktails in the comfort of your own backyard.



Sure, those holidaymakers down at the coast are enjoying a pleasant day in the ocean. But you’ve got something better, the Bestway 3.66m x 1.22m Hydrium Poseidon Pool Set (R9 999, Makro). For something more portable, opt for the Intex 366cm x 76cm Metal Frame Pool Set (R1 799, Makro). To truly overcome those summertime blues, add in a hot pink flamingo floatie (R499, Superbalist), and declare yourself the undisputed king/queen/president of summer.




Life is too short for hot, sweaty summers. Take the money you saved by staying at home and spoil yourself with a Defy 12000BTU Split Air Conditioner (R5 499, Makro). In this heat, it’s a seriously cool choice – as is the Goldair desk fan (R249, Makro), which really should be standard issue in South African homes around this time of year.



Sure, so your friends on Facebook are sending you pictures from their holiday in Thailand, trying to make you jealous. Don’t click “Like”. Don’t click “Red Angry Face”. Just ignore the social media trolls, and bask in the brilliance of the 78-inch Samsung SUHD Curved LED TV set (R199 000, DionWired) that you just bought with the money you saved. Or, if that’s marginally out of your price range, bask in the similarly-brilliant 43-inch Full HD LG LEG TV (R5 990, DionWired). Then recline in that chair we talked about earlier, and enjoy your staycation.



Who needs an exotic holiday when you have an RCS Card? The RCS Shopping Network covers more than 24 000 stores, giving you all you need to enjoy a memorable staycation.


* Prices were correct at time of publication, and are subject to change.