If you walk down the crockery aisle at your RCS shopping network supermarket, you’ll find a shelf containing glass jars with screw-on metal lids. These are mason jars – and, over and above their retro charm, they’re absolutely perfect for pretty much anything.


Mason jars were invented for use in home canning and food preservation, with the screw-on lid allowing for the long-term preservation of fruits and vegetables (like your grandad’s beloved pickled onions). They’ll still do the job there – but in the modern kitchen, they’re also perfect for general-purpose use.


These days, many mason jars come with handles on the side, which means you can use them for soup, coffee, hot chocolate and other hot drinks.


They’re usually bigger than your average glass or mug, which makes them great for smoothies, cocktails and mocktails – especially ones that are best served shaken, not stirred.


Simply pour in the contents, screw on the lid, and shake it up. The lid means that you can carry your mason jar around with limited risk of spilling its contents all over the floor.


That means they’re great for storing pre-made breakfasts for the office, and – yes – it means they’re great for storing older kids’ drinks around the house as well.


But that’s just the kitchen. Square-edged mason jars – which are easy to stack alongside each other on a shelf – are also incredibly useful in workshops, garages and craft rooms, where they can be used for storing nails, screws, paperclips, pins… you name it.


Again, that screw-on lid is a work of genius, keeping the elements (and the rust) out, while keeping all your gear in a safe place.


No matter where you’re using them, the old-school design means that mason jars are stylish storage containers. They’ll double as a décor item in your pantry or on your kitchen shelf (think uncooked pasta, sugar, spices, etc).


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