For most people, one computer with one monitor is enough to get your work done. But if you’re looking to start a home business, or you’re the kind of person who uses their computer all day, every day, then you might want to consider expanding your point of view. And that means investing in a second screen.


Using two screens isn’t just an option for geeks or gamers: it’s a great solution for anybody whose work means they need extra space on their desktop. And, if you think of it, that’s exactly what a computer monitor is: it’s a desk surface, just flipped perpendicular and squished onto a screen.


If you were working on paper on a desk, you’d want to use as much space as possible, with a book open on one side, extra notes stuck up around you, and a pile of work on the other side. So why not take the same approach to the way you use your computer?


If your work (or play) requires you viewing one thing while working on something else, multiple monitors is the ideal solution for you. Say, for example, you need to look at a web page while you’re writing an email; or read a document while working on a spreadsheet. If you’re using one monitor, you’ll have to switch between those applications, or try to get multiple windows onto a single screen. That’s where errors – and irritation – start to creep in.


Using two screens literally doubles your working area, allowing you to quickly and easily drag folders and files from one screen to another. It’ll help you work quicker and more accurately… and you’ll avoid accidentally closing one application while you’re working on another!


Best of all, you won’t need to spend too much on your second screen: all you need is extra space – so your primary screen (which will have the advanced graphics capabilities) will be the expensive one, while the extra screen to the side can be a smaller, cheaper one. Chat to the salesperson in the store about your options.


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