It’s the start of the winter school holidays, and that means hours of trying to keep the kids busy – preferably with activities that don’t rely on tech and screens. Here are some toys and games that’ll fill the hours, without giving your children square eyes.



Use your RCS Card to get you everything you need to make Wintertainment magical. If the cold weather forces you indoors, try a classic board game. On the one hand it’s a surprising choice (“Do kids still play board games?” we hear you ask), but on the other hand it makes perfect sense. You can’t go wrong with a game like the classic detective board game Cluedo (R399.90, Toys R Us), which is now also available in portable Grand and Go format for playdates (R129, Makro). Then, of course, there’s Monopoly, which offers endless possibilities of ganging up with/against your siblings. Try Monopoly Junior (R399.90, Toys R Us); Monopoly Cape Town Edition (R499, Superbalist), where you get to buy Parliament and Robben Island; or the Monopoly Marvel (R649, Superbalist) comic book variant where squares like Community and Chance are replaced with Smaaash! and Thpooom!.




Cold-weather toys are all about keeping your child’s time occupied and their imaginations active. Building games are great for this (and there’s a good reason why Lego was invented in the snowy Scandinavian country of Denmark!). Invest in a larger Lego set, which will take a couple of hours to build. Projects like Lego City Prison Island (R1 399, Makro) or Lego Star Wars Battle on Takodana (R899, Makro) will fill the days – and then give a completed toy to play with when it’s built!




The best toys are the ones that engage your child’s brain, while also keeping their hands occupied. That’s what makes a puzzle game like Jenga (R349.90, Toys R Us) such a smart investment, and it’s why the Rubik’s Cube (R169.90, Toys R Us) is the latest craze at primary schools across the nation. It’s also why your grandparents loved to play Tiddlywinks (R79, Superbalist). That’s right: Tiddlywinks. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, or until you’ve seen your young child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills develop while playing it.




Finally… it’s tech, but it’s not a phone and it’s not a video game console – and it will get the kids outside! A small drone, like the X8HG Quadcopter 2.4G (R3 999, Superbalist) is the perfect way to get out into the open (weather permitting, of course!). This particular drone has a WiFi camera and a six-axis gyro for extra stability, making it easy to fly around the local park.




Let RCS help you keep your kids active and occupied this winter. Apply for an RCS Card now, and you’ll be able to shop at over 23 000 stores in our network with 24- or 36-month budget plans and affordable monthly instalments.


* Prices were correct at time of publication, and are subject to change.