Paying your RCS account while doing your festive shopping has never been easier with so many options available to you.

• EasyPay: Simply keep your EasyPay number in hand at the till point when shopping at Checkers, Pick n Pay, Makro, or Game.

• RCS Self-service: Pay your account via the self-service portal.

• RCS Mobile App: Pay your account from anywhere, anytime by downloading the free RCS App.


Manage your account – check

Check your available credit, view your latest statements and change your email address details via the RCS Mobile App.

• Access cash from your card

• Pay your account

• View your latest statements

• Choose to receive your statements via email

• Change your email address details

• Register for online purchases


Check your available credit on the go – check

Unsure of how much credit you have available to spend while doing your festive shopping? Use the RCS self-service portal.

• Check your available credit

• Manage your details

• View your latest statements

• Pay your account


Learn more about the RCS Mobile App