A guide to revisiting your financial goals

Looking at what you set out to achieve at the beginning of the year, your goals – be it saving for a trip...

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How to save in an uncertain world

There’s never been a more important – and difficult – time to save. And although things are unstable...

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5 Reasons you need a financial planner

You don’t need to earn millions to meet with a financial planner.

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5 Tips to protect yourself from financial fraud

As we practice social distancing, you may be doing a lot of online shopping or managing your accounts and...

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How to maintain a great credit score

Maintaining a healthy credit score has many benefits, including giving you access to more credit when you...

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The rights you have when applying for credit from a lender

You may be been denied credit before and wondered why, since all South Africans have the right to credit,...

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Fighting financial fraud in 2020

The spike in digital banking fraud of 75.3% requires users to optimize the way banking is done online by...

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Things to consider when taking out a student loan

Before taking a loan do research on what student loan would be best for you and the best repayment plan...

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Salary negotiations and your next financial steps

Salary negotiations are when you and your employer or potential employer, talk about settling on your...

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Manage your RCS Account During Lockdown

Make payments on and manage your RCS account from the comfort and safety of your home over these 21 days...

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