Do you need a funeral plan?

Getting funeral cover for your loved ones is an essential part of providing for your loved ones.

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Some of South Africa's best side hustles and how to do them...

You want to establish a side business, but you're unsure of what to do. This list of side hustles will...

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What’s the fuss about retirement funds anyway?

When it comes to preparing for your retirement, it's never too late. Starting in your 30s or 40s is still...

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Are there smart ways to use your tax refund?

Saving money is similar to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You know, regular exercise and eating...

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Single parent? Here’s how to get and stay financially savvy.

Without a partner, raising children can be emotionally, physically, and financially demanding.

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Is filling up your tank cost-effective?

Here are some of the schools of thought when it comes to filling up your fuel tank versus keeping it at...

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The impact of women in leadership

This International Women’s Day, we unpack how RCS COO Mariné van Brakel saw the impact of women in...

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Trending industries for 2022 business ideas

We look at five industries to consider for 2022 business ideas.

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Loan payment formula for financial planning

Let’s get on-top of our finances and stay on top of them for the rest of the year by planning. This can...

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What does loan disbursement mean?

Don’t let the financial fancy words trip you up! Disbursement is really just another word for payment

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