Don’t Put the Back-to-School Alarm on Snooze

18 DECEMBER 2023

The holidays are almost over, and the gears are slowly starting to grind as 2024 begins. The long days and late mornings will soon be replaced with early alarms, traffic jams and busy days at the office. That also means that kids will be gearing up for another school year, and prepared parents will definitely benefit in this difficult period of the year.

Back-to-School Deals

In this article, we look at past 'Back-to-School' deals that you could take advantage of to keep your budgets somewhat intact after a busy December. For many people, the January marathon to payday can be a stressful one, with those memorable holiday outings now starting to become costly.

School costs are often the cherry on top, something that is put out of sight and out of mind until the countdown to the new term begins. The start of the year can often be the costliest when it comes to having to stock up on school stationery, with students needing new books topping the list of most needed items.

Shoprite/Checkers often have a large drive for school savings, in fact, Shoprite's website has a whole section dedicated to these deals. Back in August, there were savings on all elements, from books and stationery, to backpacks and lunch essentials.

There was even a section dedicated to lunch recipes. Makro is another retailer that is worth the visit ahead of schools reopening and can be a perfect choice for parents that have more than one child to cater for, offering some incredible bulk deals on key items. Makro has already got their Back-to-School section up and running, offering deals on everything from diaries to calculators, backpacks, lunch items, accessories and more. Their artwork indicates that there will be a lot of savings for 'Twenty-Twenty-More'.

Game has also got their thinking caps back on, with a stunning Back-to-School offering on their official website. This well-thought-out section makes it easy to shop for items for Primary School, Senior Primary, High School and Varsity. The front page also showcases some excellent deals on the school staples, such as pens, erasers, glue and more.

You can take advantage of all these deals with an RCS store card, or by applying online for a credit card to help control costs in January. Remember, stocking up on school stationery is just one part of the holiday transition though, and there are some tips that can help your child be best prepared to hit the ground running.Child writing in a book with a pencil in a book

Back-to-School Preparation Tips

Make Gradual Routine Changes

Ease your children back into their school routine by gradually adjusting their sleep schedules. Start a few days before school resumes, gradually moving bedtime and wake-up times to align with the school schedule. This will help prevent grogginess and make early mornings more manageable.

Set Goals and Expectations

Take time to discuss goals and expectations for the upcoming term with your children. Encourage them to reflect on their academic and personal achievements from the previous term and set realistic, achievable goals for the new one. This can help motivate them and foster a sense of purpose.

Get the Brains Ticking

Reintroduce a sense of curiosity and excitement about learning. Engage your children in discussions about what they enjoyed during the previous school term and what subjects or activities they are looking forward to. Explore educational games, or watch documentaries together to reignite their interest in learning.

Organise and Declutter

Involve your children in the organisation and decluttering of their study spaces and backpacks. Discard unnecessary items, sort through old papers, and double-check that you have replenished all the required school supplies. An organised and clutter-free environment can positively impact focus and productivity.

Focus on the Mental Game

During goal conversations, it is important to consider any anxieties or concerns your children may have about returning to school. Listen actively, validate their feelings, and provide reassurance and solutions. School may be a distant memory for parents, but it is a central part of your child's life in the present, and the positive aspects of going back to school, such as reconnecting with friends, engaging in exciting activities, and learning new things can help foster excitement, instil confidence and give your child a positive mindset to help them approach the new term with enthusiasm.

This proactive approach can help your children transition smoothly and set the tone for a successful and enjoyable school term.