Game Brings the Joy Of Black Friday to July!

23 AUGUST 2023

Why wait until November to get your appliance upgrades? Game is bringing Half Way Day back and on 1 July, you can secure unbelievable deals on appliances, electronics, consoles and more!Game advertisement - One day only dealsForget the queues and retail wrestling that comes with Black Friday, Game stores are giving you a chance to get your shopping done early with the return of the Half Way Day promotion. This promotion rewards you for getting to the halfway mark of the year, and will give you instant access to some welcome low prices for a range of products.

Make sure that you have your retail store card, or credit card, ready to go because stock will be flying off the shelves with deals offered for a limited time only! If you're someone who finds an item on sale, then visits every other store in the mall only to return and purchase that item hours later, then Game is ready to save you some time this July 1st.

Don't worry though, we're here to help.

Step One:

The best way to approach a sale event is to be prepared beforehand. Do your research and remember, days like the Half Way Day are perfect for upgrading home appliances, or picking up desired electronics. Parents, if your child has been nagging for a new gaming console, now is the time to find that dream birthday or Christmas gift. Visit various retail store websites to investigate products that you are interested in. This way you can gauge what the general price is, and settle on a model that has the features that you are looking for.

Step Two:

Work out your budget and avoid buyer’s regret. Overspending because of impulse buying is never ideal, even if you have some extra cash at your disposal. Once you’ve completed the research step, you should have a final list of items. It’s easy to get distracted when good deals are bombarding your senses, but a budget and list of items will keep you focused. Doing your research and attaching it to a budget allows you to purchase with confidence and leads to the third and most important step.

Step Three:

Strike fast. It's always important to remember that stock will be limited. The early bird gets the worm. So if you are an online shopper, make sure that you are up bright, early and ready to make the clicks. If you're heading in store, get there early, you can’t expect the best deals to be available at your local store if you're planning to arrive just before closing time. Of course, you'll have to wait until closer to the date to see the deals offered, but we can always look back at the 2022 catalogue to see the level of deals that were offered. Last year, there were big savings of over R2000 on selected laptops, over R4000 on selected fridges and numerous big savings on TVs.

It might also be the perfect day to free yourself from long-term cellphone contracts as there were some major savings on mobile phones, while kitchen appliances were another major sale item. Lastly, there were several good deals on home gym equipment, bicycles, and trampolines. If you don’t already have one, you can apply now for a Game store card, which rewards you every time you shop! Find out more benefits here.

The online credit card application process for these store cards is quick and easy and can be completed in minutes. Make sure that you keep an eye on Game’s official website and social media channels for updates regarding the Half Way Day sale.