How Much can I Borrow with a Personal Loan in South Africa?

01 FEBRUARY 2024

If you’re just looking for a quick answer to your question try RCS’ free loan repayment calculator a little further down this page. If you’d like more general information, let’s continue.

Personal loans are a popular financial product in South Africa, but it can be quite a daunting consideration for those who are new to the offerings available. These loans are often available from major banks and alternative reputable financial institutions, providing a lump sum amount which is repayable over a fixed period. 

A common question in this realm is: What determines the amount one can borrow via a personal loan in South Africa? This article aims to demystify this query, exploring loan limits offered as well as looking at some of the important points to consider, if you’re eyeing a personal loan from RCS specifically.Smiling man fist-bumping in the air, looking at a laptop

Understanding Personal Loan Limits:

Personal loans have seen limit increases from most institutions over the years, and you are now able to secure finance of anywhere from R1000 all the way up to R500 000, or even more in specific cases. However, understanding the overall limits is one thing, qualifying for a particular limit is a different story. The scope of a personal loan amount will hinge on a few factors, including creditworthiness, income, and the lending institution's policies. Whether from a major bank or an alternative provider, these entities will examine the borrower’s financial status to ensure that it’s within their means to repay the loan size they’re applying for.

Factors Influencing Loan Approval:

The final loan amount approved by any institution, whether you approach your bank or an alternative provider, is contingent upon several key factors. Understanding these elements is crucial for borrowers seeking the optimal loan amount for their unique circumstances.

  1. Credit Score: A higher credit score enhances the likelihood of approval for a larger loan amount. Lenders use this metric to assess creditworthiness, with a positive credit history opening doors to more favourable loan terms. South Africans can check theirs very quickly on various platforms, like Clear Score. 
  2. Income and Affordability: Lenders evaluate a borrower's income and monthly financial obligations to ensure the loan remains within manageable limits. A higher income coupled with lower existing debt enhances the borrower's eligibility for a more substantial loan.
  3. Loan Purpose: The intended use of the loan can influence the approved amount. Borrowers seeking funds for debt consolidation, for instance, may be eligible for a larger sum compared to those applying for discretionary expenses.
  4. Stability of Employment: Lenders value employment stability as it minimises the risk of default. Borrowers with a consistent income source are often viewed more favourably, potentially qualifying for a higher loan amount.

What does RCS bring to the table?

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to applying for a personal loan. RCS has a deep understanding of consumer needs and, as such, has tailored personal loans that offer excellent value.

Here are several compelling reasons why considering RCS for a personal loan is a smart move:

1. Diverse Loan Amounts:

RCS offers cash loans ranging from a minimum of R2,000 up to an impressive R250,000. This broad spectrum allows borrowers to address a variety of financial needs, whether it's embarking on a home DIY project, investing in education, or handling emergency repairs.

2. Competitive Interest Rates:

At RCS, the interest rates start from as low as 15%. What sets RCS apart is the individualised assessment that determines the interest rate, providing borrowers with a tailored and fixed rate for the entire term of the loan. This ensures transparency and predictability.

3. Quick Access to Funds:

Time is often of the essence when financial needs arise. With RCS, once your personal loan is approved, the funds are swiftly deposited into your bank account within 24 hours. This rapid turnaround ensures that you can address your financial requirements promptly, without unnecessary delays.

4. Flexible Repayment Options:

RCS understands the importance of flexibility in repayment. Borrowers can choose from a range of repayment term options, spanning from 12 to 60 months. This flexibility allows individuals to tailor their repayment plan according to their financial capacity, making the loan experience more manageable.

5. Effortless Application Process:

Applying for an RCS personal loan is a breeze. The online application process is simple, paperless, and convenient. This user-friendly approach streamlines the experience, saving applicants time and effort. The emphasis on a hassle-free application process aligns with RCS' commitment to providing a customer-centric experience.

6. Swift Provisional Answers:

In a world where time is of the essence, RCS ensures a fast and convenient application process. Applicants receive a provisional answer within minutes of submitting their application. This swift response allows borrowers to make informed decisions promptly, facilitating a seamless and efficient borrowing experience.

7. Customer Protection Insurance:

RCS goes the extra mile to prioritise customer peace of mind. The inclusion of Customer Protection Insurance underscores their commitment to the well-being of their clients. The insurance which is provided is an added layer of security, offering financial protection and reassurance to borrowers throughout the loan term.

A parting thought…

As a parting thought it’s important to consider that a personal loan generally has a higher interest rate than other forms of loans, as they are more accessible and usually do not require a borrower to put up assets as security. This means that they are often best used for a purchase which will make the borrower more money in the long term, such as furthering your education, repairing your vehicle or adding value to your residence.