Products to save you power this winter

24 AUGUST 2023

Winter’s a good time for cuddling under a blanket, and a bad time for electrical bills. Here are some energy-efficient products that will help you save money on power.Different types of light bulbs on a wooden tableThink you’re stuck with the electrical expenses you already have? Think again. All around your home there are opportunities to reduce your energy load, and invest in efficient, cost-saving alternatives.


Next time you invest in a new household appliance, look for the rainbow. Appliances are rated on an energy efficiency scale from A (green) to D (red), with A+++ being the most efficient. So when you pick out a new fridge, make sure it’s something like the A+-rated Hisense 720L French Door fridge (R15 999, Game) or the Whirlpool Combi fridge (R7 499, DionWired). While we’re on the topic of fridges… Eskom recommends that you set yours to 3°C. Any lower, they say, and it will use more electricity than needed. Eskom also recommends that you don’t overfill your freezer, but that you only use 90% of its capacity.Picture of fridge on a notebook


Hot air rises – and that means you’re losing a lot of your winter warmth into your roof. Invest in good ceiling insulation to conserve that energy and to cut down on your electrical expenses. Isotherm’s 75mm thermal insulation (1.28m) (R390, Builders) offers excellent thermal insulation.


There are few things better than a nice hot shower on a cold winter’s morning – but all that hot water means you’re putting extra strain on your geyser. Save energy by wrapping yours in a geyser blanket (R250, Builders), or go green and invest in installing a 150-litre Builders Price solar geyser, complete with energy-efficient solar panels (R11 800, Builders).


Switch to LEDs. It’s as simple as that. By replacing your power-hungry incandescent bulbs with LEDs, you’ll use about 75% less electricity. Sure, LEDs are slightly more expensive… but they last longer, and their efficiency adds up to a massive saving over time. The Philips Energy Saver 11W (R27.99, Pick n Pay) promises an 80% energy saving, while the Osram Energy Saver has a smart sensor that will switch itself off when there’s enough light in the room (R89.99, Pick n Pay)!Picture of light bulb on notebook


Eskom recommends replacing your normal outdoor lights with motion-sensor lamps: they use less electricity because they only activate when the sensor is triggered. Try the Eurolux 150W motion sensor floodlight (R299, Game), and never stub your toe on a rock in your dark driveway again.


Admit it: this is where most of your power goes in the winter. With heaters, the secret to saving lies in getting the right type. A fan heater like the Logik fan heater (R279, Game) or De’Longhi fan heater (R499, Makro) works instantly, and generates precise heat that can be directed straight at your freezing toes. Infrared heaters work by sending electromagnetic waves to warm up whatever’s in their line of fire – so they don’t waste energy trying to heat up huge volumes of cold air. This makes them very cost-effective and eco-friendly. Try the Technilamp infrared heater 727 (R1 750, Game) or the Warmwatcher portable infrared heater (R5 530, DionWired).


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*Prices were correct at time of publication and are subject to change.