Many may have their doubts about taking up insurance because they think it’s too costly, or have never been in a car accident or lost their job, resulting in them being unable to pay back their creditors. But because the future is unpredictable, the result of not having the right cover can be far more costly.


That’s why RCS offers Customer Protection Insurance*. Included in your RCS Loan, the RCS Customer Protection Insurance offers death cover, cover for permanent disability, temporary disability and loss of income.  Should you select to take the RCS Customer Protection Insurance** cover for your RCS Store Card or RCS Credit Card, you’ll enjoy the same cover and peace of mind in the event of death, permanent or temporary disability or loss of income.


Having the right insurance cover, including the RCS Customer Protection Insurance, offers financial protection in unforeseen life events that may ordinarily cost you even thousands from your own pocket. Learn more about the RCS Customer Protection Insurance.


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*Cover underwritten by Guardrisk Life LimitedCentriq Life Limited1Life Insurance Limited, authorised Financial Services Providers

**Cover underwritten by: