It is important to point out that studying online is not “the easy option”. It requires dedication if you’re going to finish a course with a good result. But with video calls and digital discussion forums, well-designed online courses can be just as engaging, interactive and supportive as attending classes at university. The bonus? They’re totally flexible, much more affordable, and with a good internet connection, you can get access to the study material wherever you are. If that sounds appealing, then consider an RCS Personal Loan to help you sign up for your first course.



As we mentioned, studying online is flexible so it’s ideal if you’re already working and would like to advance your career. If you’ve just finished high school and are unsure of what career path to take, you can study something useful without committing hundreds of thousands of rands to a three-year degree. For example, you can get your feet wet with a graphic design short course, or learn essential writing skills through the Business Writing course at SA Writers College. Lastly, we’re not all social butterflies, and online studying can be done from the comfort of your own home in your PJs if that’s what floats your boat.




Well, that depends on a million things. But there are some career paths that are well suited to online study like psychology, design, finance, law, communications and all kinds of business management, including starting your own small business. Did you know that the richest people in the world under 30 are all entrepreneurs? In keeping with the online theme, digital marketing, public relations and social media marketing courses are more relevant than ever. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Computer Sciences – everyone needs an IT guy, right? Check out GetSmarter and INTEC College if you fancy any of these.


Online education is becoming increasingly popular, so there are a lot of places offering courses in similar fields. Choosing where to study is a personal preference so you’ll need to look at what is covered in the course, the price and the schedule. Then check the accreditation of the institution so that you know your hard work will actually mean something at the end. You’ll usually find this in the “about us” link or at the very bottom of the website. As the final deciding factor, check out what the student support is like. Are questions answered quickly? Are there useful discussion forums?


Feeling excited? Here are some more online schools to visit:

Wits DigitalCampus

Friend of Design – Academy of Digital Arts

International Hotel School Online

The South African College of Applied Psychology



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