How to make your travel budget go further

24 AUGUST 2023

Now that you’ve booked your getaway and are ready to take off, consider these tips to make your travel budget go further while you’re on holiday.3 people walking down the street, laughing, with handbags and a cameraIt’s not something many of us can do regularly but going away on holiday is a real treat. Exploring a city that’s new to you with friends or family, finding quaint little local eateries, shops that sell authentic local goods, day trips to historical sites or enjoying adventure-filled excursions may all be part of the experience, but at a cost.

The holidays are for relaxing and having fun, so missing out on the great attractions that are on offer because your budget won’t allow it is a real bummer. If you are travelling on a limited budget, however, there are some great hacks you can apply to make sure you squeeze the most fun possible out of your money. If you’re in need of a little financial help with booking flights or your hotel accommodation, you can apply for an RCS Personal Loan with interest from as low as 15%*.

Here are some ideas:Woman standing on platform, looking at a train moving past her with a speed


Walk, walk, walk. Where possible walk wherever you can. This not only saves money but is also a great way to see (the safe parts of) a city and puts you in direct contact with other travellers and local people, giving your trip a more authentic flavour. If you must travel by vehicle, use public transport as much as possible. In addition, try to determine upfront whether tourist destinations you hope to visit offer sightseeing passes. These usually offer excellent admission discounts and may even include free transport.


Staying hydrated while travelling is essential but buying bottled water while moving around can end up costing you a small fortune as some destinations just don’t have clean water readily available on tap. So, rather than stocking up on bottled water that is both expensive and not environmentally friendly, why not buy your own reusable bottle? Investing in a water bottle with its own built-in filtration system may be the answer. A great choice is a 3-in-1 filter bottle that ensures your drinking water is safe, anywhere in the world.Plates on food on a wooden table


If your accommodation offers a free breakfast or a breakfast buffet, make sure you not only eat a good hearty meal to start the day, but just before breakfast is over snag some rolls, a tub or two of yoghurt or a few cold meat slices, and tuck them into a lunchbox for a mid-morning snack or even lunch. Alternatively, if your accommodation only offers expensive breakfast options, rather head out the door and down the street to a local restaurant where you can enjoy a meal at half the price. And, on the way there, pick up some local produce, bread and cheese, to be enjoyed for lunch at a scenic picnic spot.


As obvious at it seems, it does need repeating. Do not just go where all the other tourists are going. Sure, sometimes you just can’t avoid the crowds, like when you want to go up Table Mountain in December or up the Eiffel Tower in Spring. The plain truth is that the closer you are to tourist hubs, the more expensive things will be. Rather walk an extra five or ten minutes and you’re sure to find other less busy souvenir shops, restaurants or rental services. As a rule, the further you head from the tourist areas the better the bargains.


Even if you are not able to go on holiday to some exotic foreign location, a new adventure starts every time you walk out your front door. Go explore your city, take a bus, or drive an hour out of town and find a place you’ve never visited. You don’t need a large budget, just the willingness to see things differently. If you need some assistance in making your dream getaway come to life however by paying for flights or booking your accommodation, apply for an RCS Personal Loan with interest from as low as 15%*.

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