DO fill up with the right fuel: Filling up with a high octane fuel not meant for your car, is more likely to burn up faster than make you go faster.DON’T overfill: Overfilling can cause hazardous petrol spillage – petrol that you are paying for and not using. You will also find that most fuel pumps will draw back the extra fuel in your tank to their storage tanks, meaning that you are paying for petrol you are not getting. Worse still, excess petrol can seep into and damage your car’s pump fuel system that is sure to cost a fortune to repair! Auto-stop is your friend.DO maintain your motor:  A poorly maintained engine will consume more fuel.  Change oil and air filters regularly to help you save petrol in the long run.DON’T drive recklessly: Avoid unnecessary acceleration and sudden braking. Stick to the speed limit. And anticipate robot changes such that you slow down coming towards a red robot but just in time that it turns green, without having to come to a complete stand still.DO check your tyres: Under-inflated tyres are a drain on your petrol tank.  Also, remember that wide-width tyres are likely to increase fuel consumption.DON’T use your clutch on an incline: If you’re driving a manual, using your clutch to hold your car on an incline will not save petrol. Rather use your handbrake.  Likewise, if you drive an automatic, don’t use your accelerator to stop on an incline.DO lose the weight, lose the drag:  Roof racks, equipment carriers, open windows to the golf clubs in the boot equals added weight and air resistance which in turn negatively affects fuel usage. A heavy car equals a lighter wallet.DON’T do short trips. Because your engine uses more fuel when it’s cold, short trips easily increase your fuel consumption. Combine errands and start with the farthest destination first.DO carpool. Not only does sharing a lift with a colleague make traffic more bearable, but it also saves a considerable amount of petrol. Do the same with the school run and any activities you do with someone in your area.DON’T spend time in the parking lot. We’re all guilty of it but driving around looking for that perfect spot in the front not only wastes time, but it also wastes petrol. Take the first one you see, even have you to walk a little bit. Your wallet and your body will thank you.


Buying a car is a big step. Don’t let crippling fuel costs make you regret it. Take note of these savvy petrol saving tips, buckle up and enjoy the ride.