Save Big on Groceries this Black Friday

20 NOVEMBER 2023

Black Friday fever has gripped South Africa firmly as we edge closer to the annual shopping extravaganza and headline teaser deals are starting to pop up everywhere you look.Friends laughing, pushing a shopping trolleyWe know that tech deals such as TVs, smartphones and kitchen appliances often dominate the coverage of this event, but retailers such as Shoprite, Makro, Game, Spar and Pick 'n Pay have really come to the party in recent years.

While shoppers are often super-focused on all of the glitzy products and massive discounts on frighteningly expensive equipment, there are often some largely unseen gems that you could make use of. Shopping smartly on Black Friday can certainly go a long way in impacting your monthly grocery spend, with the opportunity to stock up on regularly used items at a significant discount.

Penning a proper shopping list will certainly assist you in remaining laser-focused on getting the best out of this Black Friday. Grocery stores have a ton of Black Friday deals and it can be difficult to navigate all of the deals on offer -  but that’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best deals from official RCS partners for your convenience. Some specials on the list below may not yet be active, but watch each space as Black Friday deals go live and be sure to jump in early.

Where to find Black Friday deals in 2023

Remember, general fruit and vegetables can be discounted generously, but always keep in mind that these perishables won't have a long shelf life, so stocking up in huge quantities could actually turn out to be a financial loss.

However, if you put your focus on staples that have a long shelf life, or items such as dishwasher tablets, cleaning chemicals, canned goods, pasta, rice, spices etc... then you could end up saving a bundle over the long term.

Meat is another option if you have some decent freezer space. For example, in 2022 Spar was offering some incredible multi-buy deals, such as three 2kg chicken portion packs for just R180. They also had Sunlight washing powder (3kg) going for just R59.99.

Makro is the ideal retailer for bulk stock, with their catalogue last year showcasing items like 12 cans of baked beans for R148.95, or six bottles of All Gold Tomato Sauce for R188.95.

Parents out there should also consider keeping an eye on the prices of nappies. Recent increases have seen nappy prices soar, but Shoprite had a deal in 2022 that saw R101 shaved off of the price of a value pack, allowing 3 packs per customer at just R129!Save Big with RCS this Black FridayRemember, with RCS you could approach Black Friday in the best way possible by making use of store cards, credit cards or online loan approvals to ensure that you have a decent budget on hand to grab the best deals. The application process for RCS products is clear, simple and fast, with online approvals and flexible payment terms available for successful applicants.

When it comes to Black Friday deals, ensure that you do plenty of research ahead of the day, especially when it comes to deals that may seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, there are fly-by-night websites and less than reputable retailers who look to cash in on the frenzy. Be vigilant whether you are shopping in-store, or browsing online deals. 

Also do your own comparisons by searching prices on products that you have on your shopping list from a month or two in the past, as this can help you assess whether or not discounts have been inflated to make deals look better.